Friday, 2 March 2018

Change of Seasons

So it is officially Autumn! The sun is still shining in Hobart, Tasmania and to date there is very little change of colour in the trees but the days are beginning to noticeably shorten.

We have been incredibly busy making nests of late and it is heartening to have so much interest in our little nature creations. As Easter is on its way we are also creating some more of our eggs that are covered in vintage book papers and maps. As a limited edition we are also adding drawn elements to one or two eggs to create a unique and dramatic effect. These photos show the front and back of one of these eggs.

Below is a photo of one of our recent tiny nests we have made. This one sits comfortably in cupped hands and would look lovely nestled under a glass dome or sitting amongst a collection of favourite found objects.

We hope you are enjoying the changing of the seasons where ever you are - Autumn and Spring are definitely our favourite seasons of the year.

Thursday, 15 February 2018


We are currently making more nests for The Black Hen as our last order sold out in one day! Julie takes beautiful photos of our nests for her online store and packages them carefully to be posted out to customers.

Each nest is handmade from vines, ferns, creepers, dried seed pods, feathers and mosses that we collect at Bruny Island, bush tracks and in our own garden.  Although making the nests is a time-consuming process, after we have shaped the basic forms of the nests and left them to 'set' into their shape the fun starts as we add special elements to give each nest it's own character and uniqueness. We are so happy that they are also being enjoyed by others through stores like The Black Hen of Elizabeth Town and soon to be found at Crazy Beautiful Homewares in Hawkesbury. We are consciously limiting stockists of our nests at the moment so that we can ensure the quality of our product and be able to meet our order commitments.

We are trialing a few new products in our own online store at the moment and these little circular swing tags make a delightful decorative element to gift wrapping or they can be written on the reverse side. I like to tie on some feathers with the tag for an especially natural effect.

We are nearing the end of summer in Australia and the days are starting to shorten as we gear up for the colder months. Autumn is one of our favourite seasons so we are looking forward to nature's spectacular colour changes.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

A Year Ahead

Well, we can hardly believe that Christmas has gone for another year and the New Year is already well underway!

At Two in a Teacup we are starting to get back into 'making' now and so new nests are under construction for 'The Black Hen's' beautiful online store and our popular vintage paper covered eggs are also being created ready for Easter!

We have had a wonderful break and both feel inspired for the coming year. We hope 2018 is a healthy, creative and happy one for everyone.

                                                     Beach collecting

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Almost Christmas!

My daughter and I are not full time makers - although we wish we were - and so October and November are two of the busiest months for us both, in our work and study commitments. Every year we vow and declare that we will start making for Christmas in the middle of the year so that we can have lovely things ready to sell on our shop come November. This year is unfortunately like the previous ones and we are chasing our tails to make and organise enough lovely things for our favourite seasonal time of the year.

We are lovers of natural style and so when we design our Christmas wrappings for our family and friends each year, we turn to combining twigs, pine cones and vintage papers and then add a little sparkle with tiny lights or a splash of red.

In the shop, we have just added our swallow vintage paper garlands which, in past years, have been a real favourite and make a great gift. There are also some lovely vintage music paper circle garlands which look fabulous draped on the tree, hung from the mantlepiece or edging the Christmas table as well as nestled among pine cones, tiny fairy lights and flowers for a festive table setting.

We have also made some classic black and white gift tags and small cards with hand stamped images of a bird, tree, deer and pinecone. These add a graphic and stylish addition to gifts and have a hand made feel rather than mass produced as we use lovely soft toned 210gm artists paper.

We will be adding more Christmas shopping ideas over the next couple of weeks so keep a look out.

We hope that you are all finding time in each day to celebrate the upcoming festive season in special ways and remembering that Christmas is really about spending time with the people we love and care about and making sure they know they are in our hearts.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

More Nests in Production

Earlier this year we were commissioned to make a really large nest that measured a meter and a half in diameter. We had never made a nest structure so huge but we loved the new challenge to make such a large sculptural work.

Now we are making twenty four nests for the Tourism Tasmania Gala Night event held in Hobart in November. These nests will measure about 20cm in diameter and will be entwined with tiny fairy lights on the night. We live in a tiny house so every flat surface is starting to be covered in nests in various stages of development!!

After we collect the vine and native seed pods, ferns, moss and twigs from the bush it is then quite a process to form each nest. If the vine has dried out too much we soak it and then it may need to be shaped and placed into a bowl to mould the form as it dries. We still have many of the twenty four nests to make yet but there is evidence of quite a few beginnings of nest forms dotted about our home.

We are looking forward to adding all the embellishments once the nest structures are all formed. We are planning on adding feathers as well as some egg shaped river stones and small banksia pods inside the nests. It does seem appropriate that we are making our nests in Spring and in our own garden we have resident blackbirds busily making their nests too! Best wishes to you all.

Saturday, 16 September 2017


I am writing this blog post in a rambling mood today! I usually wait until I have a photo or something specific to post about on the blog, but today it is raining and we are sitting by the fire so I thought I would see if anyone has viewed this blog over the last month. To my surprise, there have been over 400 views - something I was not expecting! So I decided it was time to have a chat to you all and to thank you for checking in to see what we have been posting. We really do appreciate it.

When life gets busy and hectic it is always nice to remember some earlier quiet times. Our household has been particularly busy of late but last school holidays we rented a quiet, secluded beach cabin for a few days on the beautiful East Coast of Tasmania. It was winter so we enjoyed walks on the beach, reading, sleeping, drawing and painting in our journals and eating more than we should! It was such a lovely family time together. The accommodation was thoughtfully decorated by its owner with such an aesthetic, rustic style that made us all feel creative in its nurturing space. The furniture had character and oozed 'other times and lives' and the cabin had so many beautiful found and collected treasures to enjoy.

We felt refreshed and with our batteries re-charged we were ready to return home and back to work.
Sometimes we need to get away for a short time and to be in new environments to reset our compass. We all came back from our time away with a renewed focus. There is just something about staring out to the sea and the horizon that is so sustaining and liberating. 

At the moment, in our home studio, we are creating twenty-four handmade nests for a special gala event in Tasmania. We are not used to such a big order, so our tiny house is filled with twigs, vines, moss and half-made nests on every flat surface! I will share some photos in our next post. 

With the year rolling on we are also thinking about what new product we may make for Christmas. We always enjoy working on new ideas at this time of year, so keep an eye out on our Instagram and shop sites over the next few months. 
Best wishes to you all and thank you again for checking into our blog space.


Saturday, 12 August 2017


I have recently been drawing some images of animals and insects for a website that is recording both native and introduced species that are found in a specific are in Tasmania. This is the white heron and black spinner mayfly and below are drawings of a wood and muscovy duck and black swan.

Next on the list to draw is a frog and then a brown trout. I am really enjoying learning about each animal and the challenge of drawing them.