Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Step by step

                                                       collection 1

Well it is now post Easter but I am still making text covered eggs!  In early April I plucked up the courage to take some of my paper eggs into 'the maker' in Salamanca Place - a store I have always adored but in which I never imagined I would be selling my work. I carried them into the store in one of my handmade, large vine nests and was overjoyed that they were keen to stock them. Now it is May and I am still making them for the store. It is lovely to think that there are other people who love the magic of nests as much as me. The large eggs are also being bought as a christening gift. This is a link to the makers blog where the eggs were featured. 

The nests for The Maker are more simple than the ones I make for 'Nest' in Penguin and of course it is through 'Nest' that I have gained the confidence to keep making and approach a couple of different stores over the last year. One step at a time!  

Enjoy the last month of Autumn - Hobart is only 14 degrees today so we are lighting our fire for the first time this year!