Monday, 2 November 2015


“It’s impossible, said pride, 
it’s risky, said experience, 
it’s pointless, said reason, 
give it a try, whispered the heart.”

I love this quote. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of trying things - we come up with many reasons why it wouldn't work, or we shouldn't try - but we need to follow our heart and take that leap as often as we can.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

We can smell Spring in the air!

We have always had a fascination with birds nests and the precious little eggs they house and so we are excited that Spring is on the way. You can smell it in the air and the birds are beginning to look very busy.

We have been making a range of handmade nests for a while now and use nest and feather images in our range of small cards. We have always meant to spend more time drawing nests, feathers and eggs  and so this week, with Spring almost here, we have begun to experiment and we will post some of our preliminary drawings on our next blog post.

Our hand made eggs come in all different sizes and the image below shows some of our latest eggs almost ready to send to our newest stockist, the beautiful store “Tomolly” situated in the country town of Millthorpe in central NSW.

Just look at these gorgeous little eggs from an old vintage image - so sweet and delicate.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015


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I have recently read a delightful article about the current obsession with minimalism and the need to get rid of ‘stuff’ to achieve the fashionable look of a spare and minimalist interior in our homes. The article, written by Dominique Browning in the New York Times, presents a different view to this trend and I have to say, I like some of what she says! She argues the case for keeping, rather than getting rid of, the collected ‘things’ we have accumulated during our life. That is to say, she is not espousing for everyone to be a hoarder but simply stating a case for keeping our most treasured and collected objects as mementos of our life’s journey. She writes that she has “somehow transmogrified myself into my stuff”. She believes that this actually happens. “We were meant to be together, and the cells from my sweaty palms, or the eye beams from my covetous gaze, will reside in my things forever”. For this reason she hopes to pass on her ‘treasures’ to the next generation in the family. I particularly love her analogy of our homes with birds nests. 

Browning continues:  “Nests are full of twigs, bits of fluff, string, moss and bark. Stuff birds take home and fit to the shape that accommodates their lives. Some birds even press their warm bodies against their stuff as they are making their nests, molding them to the shape of their breasts, so that they feel like … home.  A home that is uniquely theirs and uniquely beloved”.

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We live in a home that is a bit like a birds nest and we are currently in the process of trying to de-clutter a little but Dominique Browning’s insights have reminded me that throughout this process of sorting through one’s ‘stuff’ there is a reason that we have accumulated these objects, books, stones and feathers, shells and mementos. They are what makes our home distinctly ours. They are the tangible (and intangible) treasures of our life’s journey and we still want them to be a part of our lives. They bring us pleasure and a wealth of memories to share.  All this, of course, means that the pile of ‘keep’ items is a tad larger than the ‘get rid of’ pile.

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

gather and collect

My daughter and I are great collectors. From an early age she would pick up beautiful coloured leaves and moss covered stones and the tiniest of shells whenever we went walking. We still like to gather all manner of natural objects - stones, feathers, leaves, wood when we are exploring the outdoors but also when we are simply walking to the local shops or down our street.

It is something about the transition from found object to handheld art that is so special – the ritual of gathering and collecting runs deep within us and these, sometimes inconsequential ‘finds’, become treasures and keepers of our memories.

Needless to say, our home is adorned with all our finds. Some dated and labeled, some held within the pages of books to press and others melding into the fabric of our everyday lives to remind us of the beauty of the world around us.

                                             We are finders and keepers!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Feathers and Vine

We have just sent four nests off to the beautiful store in Deloraine - The Black Hen. It is so nice to have our handmade nests available in the south of the state, at Gather - Handmade in Hobart, and also at The Black Hen in the North West. We have been collecting feathers from the local ducks that live in our nearby rivulet and the vine is foraged from Bruny Island -  it is lovely to make our nests from materials sourced close to where we live.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Notebooks and journals

The lovely store 'Gather ' in Hobart recently asked us to make them some small notebooks so this post shows you our first designs - the Nature and Woodland series. The books have unlined 110gms cartridge paper and are stitched with black waxed linen thread. The large ones have a pocket in the back to store bits and bobs and also come with two large, woodland inspired luggage tags.

The 'Woodland' notebooks are A5 size and the smaller ones - 'Nature' notebooks - are A6 and come with three tiny, nature inspired luggage tags. They are pocket sized and perfect to keep in your handbag to jot down everyday notes and messages.

These are our first steps into journal and notebook making but we have already started to think about new ideas and designs for more 'two in a teacup' stationery products - we will keep you posted!

Monday, 6 April 2015


It was lovely to recently see 'two in a teacup' eggs on an Instagram feed so nicely displayed. These were ordered from The Black Hen in Deloraine and sent to Adalaide.

For our own Easter table we brought out the old nest that has become quite bowerbird like now. Each year we dress it with new Autumn leaves, rose hips, our painted enamel eggs and of course the odd chocolate one!

We are looking forward to next years Easter break already! It is such a wonderful family time - gentle sun, autumn colours, a welcome break from work and time to cook and eat chocolate together!

Saturday, 21 March 2015


Easter is such a special time of year. A time to spend with family and enjoy the gentle rays of the Autumn sun. We like to cook our favorite chocolate cake and of course it is not Easter without an Easter egg hunt in the garden! This year we have made some tiny boxes with a small text covered egg inside sitting on a bed of moss and twigs from our garden. A keepsake when all the chocolate has been eaten! These little boxes are on sale in the lovely store 'Gather' in Hobart.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts

Oh how we love collecting heart shaped rocks. We gathered a small selection recently and added a text covered heart we made and a tiny smooth stone onto which we gilded a small heart.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Nesting time again

With Easter on the horizon we have begun making our nests and eggs again. We are also very excited to have them in the beautiful store - The Black Hen - in  Deloraine.

This photo is from The Black Hen's Instagram page @theblackhen    Looking forward to the joy of family time this Easter.