Tuesday, 18 August 2015

We can smell Spring in the air!

We have always had a fascination with birds nests and the precious little eggs they house and so we are excited that Spring is on the way. You can smell it in the air and the birds are beginning to look very busy.

We have been making a range of handmade nests for a while now and use nest and feather images in our range of small cards. We have always meant to spend more time drawing nests, feathers and eggs  and so this week, with Spring almost here, we have begun to experiment and we will post some of our preliminary drawings on our next blog post.

Our hand made eggs come in all different sizes and the image below shows some of our latest eggs almost ready to send to our newest stockist, the beautiful store “Tomolly” situated in the country town of Millthorpe in central NSW.

Just look at these gorgeous little eggs from an old vintage image - so sweet and delicate.