Friday, 15 June 2012

Time to reorganize


                                                      Collection  2

Winter is upon us now so it is a good time to crank up the fire, pour a cuppa and sort through some of the materials that have gathered, or should I say rather built up, in my work space. We live in a tiny house and so I do not have the luxury of a designated studio or even a spare room to work in. Thank goodness my family are patient and supportive, as I have taken over our table and the end of our dining area with all my materials for making! Boxes, bags and baskets line the floor filled with vines, twigs, stones, shells, papers, books, cards, half made projects and the usual glues, paints, threads and all manner of other useful bits and bobs. It is hard to be a minimalist when one is a born collector and maker!  However, I am going to use these colder days at home to attempt to bring more order to my work space as it is always so satisfying to sift through and re-organize things. Who knows what I might find!

                                           A small section of our table!