Thursday, 6 October 2011

Forgotten Tales - New Stories

 Finally, after months of contemplating, we have taken our vintage book works out into the market place to see how they go! In Hobart the book sculptures are in Store and Co (must pop in and take a picture of them) and now they have a new home in Launceston at Ecoco. The following photographs are from the Ecoco face book page. It is wonderful to have them in such beautiful stores. We are hoping the feedback from customers will be positive.

  This is a photo of a very old book that has hand cut pages with a slightly torn or deckle edge and an original inscription in beautiful handwriting in the front of the book - quite charming.  We will only have the books in one store in each place as we want them to retain their special quality.

We are soon to fill a new order for our handmade nests to 'Nest' in Penguin so now it is twigs and vines on every flat surface in the house rather than vintage books for a while!