Friday, 31 October 2014


'Make something everyday even if it's small.
The act of creating is often a form of meditation.
It nourishes the soul and clears the mind for new ideas to form.'

I read this somewhere recently and was immediately struck with an 'ah ha' moment. Everyone's lives get so busy that, sometimes, we forget how nourishing it is to take, even a few minutes of the day, to 'create' something. My day today is filled with a trillion chores and commitments to complete, so I pondered for a while - what could I create on such a frantic day ? I sat and contemplated, looking at our collecting shelf. This small image brought a moment of quiet to an otherwise hectic day. Sometimes it can be just the act of slowing down for a moment and seeing the beauty of small objects around you, that can fulfil that creative daily act.