Friday, 25 March 2016


In the southern hemisphere Easter is accompanied by the changing colours of Autumn leaves and gentle warm breezes as the days shorten and we say goodbye to hot Summer weather and brace ourselves for the Winter months.

It is a time for special family moments, baking, easter egg hunts, hope and opptimism. In the Two and a Teacup studio we have been making lots of nests and our special eggs covered in vintage maps, book papers and old sheet music for the last six weeks. Traditionally, since my children were very young, we have dyed hard boiled eggs using onion skins, herbs and ferns from the garden. The joy when the eggs were unwrapped to reveal the shape of the flower or herb is a very special memory.

There are so many different ways that eggs can be dyed and decorated so here are just a few suggestions to try.

The traditional dying technique uses brown and red onion skins wrapped tightly around a fern frond, flower or herb held against the egg and boiled gently in a 'bath' of onion skins. This process creates rich, earthy coloured eggs which can be finished off by gently rubbing with oil to give a slight sheen. These eggs are perfect for a natural Easter style and look superb nestled amongst autumn leaves, decorated with a tiny feather tied around the egg or placed in a handmade nest amongst twigs and moss.
Other natural dyes can be made using beetroot or, to turn the eggs a lovely shade of blue, red cabbage with white vinegar can be used. See this month's Country Style magazine for further details.

It is also rather lovely to simply paint eggs with gold, silver and bronze paint for stunning 'lustred' eggs. Writing Easter messages onto the eggs surface also looks fantastic.

Children love to use wax crayons to draw patterns onto the hard boiled egg surface which can then be soaked in edicole dye or store bought easter egg dyes. The wax dye resist effect is quite magical for children and looks fabulous when dry.

These three eggs were painted by children using colours brushed on first and then decorated with gold paint using a small brush for finer detail over the top.

We hope you have a very special Easter - Joyeuses Pâques.