Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Book Illustrations

Late last year I posted a couple of drawings that I was working on for a publication by Tasmanian scientist Peter Davies. The two images above are details from the published book that was launched last month and show how some of my drawings have been combined with vintage maps and actual gum leaves and nuts. You can see the cover of the book with my emu drawing on the bookshop's launch material below. The project was blessed to have graphic designer, Gillian Ward, who  beautifully combined all the written material, drawings, photographs and other imagery to create the book.

It was a wonderful experience and I was thrilled to have my drawings in print! It is also the first time that I have drawn so many animals and flora - some of which are endemic to Tasmania. My drawings reproduced in the publication include the wombat, spotted quoll, devil, emu, kangaroo, swallows, eastern bettong, galaxias, black tipped orchid and midlands buttercup and kangaroo grass. 

The Book was project managed by Lynn Davies and together with artist Nikala Bourke, the four of us enjoyed being the creative female force behind the publication.

Peter E Davies, Woven Landscape: Connections in the Tasmanian Midlands, Australian Book Connection, Hong Kong 2017

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