Friday, 11 October 2019

Work Spaces

I have always been interested in studios and work spaces of artists and makers so I have included a couple of photos of the area I use to work in. We live in a tiny home so I use a corner of our living space as our studio to build nests and create our other products. Although it is a very small space, I actually enjoy being in the heart of the home and I am lucky that this area is filled with light most of the day. 

On one end of a long table there is a collection of natural found objects that I work with or collections that provide inspiration while the other half of the table is kept clear for making. If the truth be known I have various baskets and boxes under the table to store all sorts of other materials and also a set of map drawers in another room for paper and other art materials. It is tricky when your home is tiny but as long as there is a table with good light, anywhere can be a good place to create - even the kitchen table! Although I always dream of having a designated studio space, at this stage it will have to stay a dream and I will just continue to inhabit every nook and cranny of our house!!

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